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How to Tell Your Commercial Cleaning Company is Doing a Good Job

You hired a commercial cleaning company so you wouldn’t have to worry about keeping your office space clean and tidy. How do you know that company’s doing a good job? Here’s how to tell:

  • They manage their time—Your cleaners should show up at the right time, complete all the work you pre-specified within the given timeframe, and stick to the right ongoing cleaning schedule.
  • They use the right equipment and products—Your cleaners should be well-equipped when they show up to your location to get things clean. They should also use the same products they told you about when you first contracted with their commercial cleaning company.
  • They stick with their quality standards—Some cleaners get offices really clean for the first few visits, but months or even just weeks later, things don’t get quite as clean during each visit. Make sure your cleaning company sticks to the same standards of cleanliness they provided at the start of your contract.
  • You recognize the team—Do you recognize the cleaners who come in and out of your business? After a few weeks, you should be familiar with the cleaners who come to tidy up your office space.

After your first visit from our team at Astrid Environmental Services, you’ll quickly be certain we’re doing a good job! We manage our time well, use the best cleaning equipment and products, and maintain high quality standards at all times. Give us a call today!