Common Questions About Radon Remediation and Mitigation

If you’re worried about radon levels in your home, you probably have questions about radon remediation and mitigation. As your source for radon remediation, our team at Astrid Environmental Services will do our best to provide the information you’re looking for. Here are some of the most frequent questions about radon remediation.

Is there an “acceptable” level of radon?

The EPA has established an “action” level that determines when you need to do something about the radon in your home. Generally speaking, 4pCI/l is an acceptable level of radon, and anything above this requires immediate radon remediation.

What do you do about high radon levels?

After your home has tested positive with elevated levels of radon, it is best to call a professional remediation contractor, such as Astrid Environmental Services. We will assess the situation and determine which mitigation process will best suit your home in order to lower the radon levels.

How do you know a radon mitigation system is working correctly?

Again, it’s best to call your local radon professionals. We will determine if your current system is operating correctly and what needs to be done if it isn’t.

Can you test for radon on your own?

Yes, but DIY radon testing kits don’t provide the same level of accuracy as a professional test. We strongly suggest contacting a professional to perform a radon test if you’re worried about possible radon levels in your home.