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Mold Remediation: Signs You Have Mold and What You Can Do About It

At Astrid Environmental Services, we meet a lot of customers who didn’t know they had mold in their home or business until it was a severe problem. Here is a list of warning signs and steps you can take for proper mold remediation.

Do You Have Mold?

  • Musty Smells – Do you keep smelling strange odors, but haven’t been able to determine the source? That musty smell could indicate water damage and mold growth.
  • Previous Water Damage – Has your home or office sustained previous water damage and you aren’t sure if it is totally dry? This could be a breeding ground for mold spores.
  • Rotten Wood – Mold will cause your wooden baseboards and furniture to rot and decompose, so look out for signs of this in your home or office.
  • Discoloration Around Vents – Have you noticed that the walls are turning strange colors near your air vents? Moisture can get trapped in your HVAC system, sending mold out of your air vents and into the air.
  • Sheet Rock & Plaster Damage – If your sheet rock or plaster has begun to sink or crumble, this could be related to water damage that has now caused mold growth.

How to Fix It

  • Call a Professional – At the first signs of mold – whether you can see it or not – call our team at Astrid Environmental Services for mold remediation assistance.
  • Get an Estimate – We’ll provide a detailed estimate if mold is apparent, so you’ll know the next steps in getting your home or office back to a healthy space.
  • Schedule a Mold Test – If no mold is visible, mold testing can help you determine the severity and types of mold you are dealing with, so you can address your concerns effectively.
  • Education – Learn more about how mold growth occurs and what you can do to prevent the issue from coming back in the future.
  • Prevention – Take the proper mold remediation steps to keep your home or office clean and dry so you no longer have mold problems.