Questions to Ask Before Hiring Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services

When it comes to having a clean business, the answer is clear: you need commercial cleaning & janitorial services that you can rely on. Without commercial cleaning & janitorial services, you run the risk of not just having a sloppy-looking commercial space, but an unhealthy one as well. Before you hire the first name that you can think of in commercial cleaning & janitorial services, interviewing a few to find a good fit is a smart choice. Here are a few questions that you can ask any potential commercial cleaning provider before you decide to hire.

  • Will you provide references that we can contact? References are crucial to a business as well as an individual looking to be hired. Most professional commercial cleaning & janitorial services should be able to come up with a few references, and if they provide you with references, check them.
  • Can you work with our schedule? Some commercial businesses will require certain hours, and if your commercial cleaning & janitorial staff cannot work around those hours, then you’ll need to find someone else.
  • What kind of products do you use? Choosing products that are eco-friendly or not is up to you, but they should all be safe and EPA approved.
  • Can we do a trial run cleaning? Think of a trial run cleaning as a test run. You can have the chance to decide if they clean thoroughly enough for you, focus on certain areas too little or too much, and give them advice on what you’d like them to change before you’re locked into a contract.

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