The Basics of Mold Inspection Services in Wytheville, VA

If you suspect mold in your home, it's crucial to seek professional mold inspection services.


Mold is found in every interior and exterior environment. While it is more likely to occur in older homes and buildings with age-related issues, any dwelling — no matter its age — can develop mold under the right conditions.

Due to the region's typical wet springs as well as the hot and humid summers, homes and buildings in Wytheville, Virginia, are susceptible to mold. Often, home and building owners may not know they have a mold issue, specifically if the dwelling has a crawl space which is dark and damp, thereby, creating the perfect condition for mold growth. This is why mold inspections are important.

If you suspect you have a mold issue/problem, you should consider having an experienced and certified professional provide the appropriate inspection and/or testing. The experienced and certified inspector will assist you to determine the extent of the mold infestation, the cause or causes which has created the mold issue, and will provide the appropriate plan of action/protocol to address and rectify the issue. A mold inspection is the first step in providing a cleaner, safer, and healthier indoor environment.

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What Is a Mold Inspection?

Utilizing visual aids and technology, a mold inspection is the process of examining known and suspected spaces inside your home or building for mold growth. Should visible mold not be found, appropriate testing may be necessary to determine the presence of mold, or the lack thereof. Because individuals react differently to mold, through a thorough inspection and testing, the dwelling can be evaluated to determine the potential health risks that may occur if mold is present. Unfortunately, by the time mold is visible, it may already be potentially dangerous and become a health hazard to anyone in the home or building.

DIY Mold Inspection vs. a Professional Mold Inspection

For many homeowners, a professional mold inspection is better than a DIY inspection. If you suspect mold in a basement, crawl space, attic or ceiling from a water leak or elevated humidity levels, you should trust a professional to inspect those areas.

An experienced and certified professional mold inspection technician will have the proper equipment and training to perform the inspection and test for mold.

Of course, sometimes DIY inspections have their place. Let’s examine the pros and cons of DIY and professional mold inspections.

DIY Mold Inspection Pros and Cons

Some of the biggest pros of a DIY mold inspection are:

  • No Fees: The most obvious pro of a DIY mold inspection is that there’s no cost. If you’re inspecting your home or building for mold, you won’t have to pay a professional mold inspection service.

  • Immediate Inspection: Another pro of DIY mold inspection is that you can do it right away and when it’s convenient for you.

  • Easy Mitigation: If you think you know the mold's source and suspect the affected area is less than nine (9) square feet, then a DIY mold inspection may be enough to identify the mold in your home or building.

There are also some situations where a DIY mold inspection isn’t suitable. The downsides to inspecting your home for mold on your own are:

  • Limited Expertise: Without the education, certification, experience and training that professional mold mitigation technicians receive, you could overlook mold, potentially leading to a false sense of security.

  • Not Having the Right Equipment: Mold tests and materials sold commercially aren’t as accurate or sensitive as the tools used by professionals. To get the most accurate air samples, test results and mold accumulation ratings, you should have a professional mold inspection performed.

  • No Access to Tests or Reliable Labs: Once the air in your home has been sampled, the results must be sent to a reliable and certified lab for analysis. Most labs only work with professional mold inspection services and will not work with home or building owners directly.

  • Exposure to Mold: A DIY mold inspection could expose the occupants to mold. While wearing a respirator or mask will help, you could also accidentally spread (cross contaminate) mold spores throughout the house or building, which under the right conditions can cause mold to grow in other areas.

Professional Mold Inspection Pros and Cons

The best reasons to have a professional mold inspection performed include:

  • Expertise and Experience: Professional mold inspection services invest in extensive and ongoing training and certification for their technicians. That means the technicians who inspect and/or test your home or building for mold know the best methods and potential sources of moisture that could promote mold to grow.

  • Comprehensive Testing and Analysis: Professionals have access to specialty equipment and the training to perform and provide an in-depth analysis of the air in your home or building.

  • Minimal Health Risks: Through a professional mold inspection in your home or building, there is limited risk to the occupants. As necessary, certified technicians have the protective equipment to limit the spread of mold and protect the home or building during their inspection and/or testing process.

Professional Mold Inspection Cons

Even though professional mold inspection is the best choice for most homeowners, there are some cons to professional testing and evaluation that homeowners need to consider:

  • The Cost: While it's true that the expense of a professional mold inspection may concern many homeowners, it's essential to recognize that addressing mold is vital for health and home safety. However, because identifying and getting rid of mold is a potential health and home safety issue, it’s worth paying a little more for peace of mind.

  • Additional Testing: When a professional mold inspection service performs tests for mold in your home, they send the test samples to specialized labs for analysis. If you have mold in your home, you may need to wait a while for the test results. You may also need additional testing, which could be an additional expenditure.

  • Not Necessary for Minor Issues: If you have a little mold under the bathroom sink and you’re aware of it because you know there’s a small leak in the faucet, you probably don’t need a professional mold inspection service or test. The EPA suggests you do not need a professional inspection if the suspected area(s) is less than nine (9) square feet. Therefore, if your mold problem is minor, you may not need a professional mold inspection.

Which Home Mold Inspection Type Is Right For Your Home?

Consider these factors when deciding whether you need a professional mold inspection service to test your home.

The Severity of The Problem

If your basement floods after a storm and you’re worried about mold spreading throughout the house, you probably need a professional mold inspection service.

But if you have one tiny spot of mold where the washer hose leaked, you probably don’t. Look at the severity of the mold problem you suspect you have and consider whether you can deal with it yourself.

Your Expertise

If you’re not handy around the house or if you have physical or mobility challenges that make it hard for you to get into a crawl space, up on the roof or into tight spaces under countertops and sinks to check for mold, then hiring a professional may be the best choice for you. Be honest with yourself about your expertise and your physical abilities.

The Pros and Cons

Weigh the pros and cons of both a DIY mold inspection and a professional mold inspection service.

For most homeowners, the best way to keep their family safe is to get a professional inspection performed by experts in mold detection, which can identify potential problems before they become significant issues.


How Astrid Environmental Services Can Help

If you’re worried about the potential for mold in your home or if you and your family are experiencing symptoms of suspected mold exposure, like respiratory issues, headaches and fatigue, Astrid Environmental Services can help.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your mold issue is, Astrid Environmental Services’ experienced and certified technicians can help you make your home or building cleaner, safer and healthier. For more information about the dangers of mold or to schedule an appointment for a mold inspection, contact Astrid Environmental Services today.