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Tips for Planning Your Home Remodeling Budget

Deciding to cross off that home remodeling project you’ve had on your to-do list forever is exciting! What may not be as exciting is coming up with a budget for said project and figuring out costs, but it has to be done. Here are some tips for developing your home remodeling budget for a better overall outcome.

  • Ballpark the total cost—Whatever your project, do a little research into what these types of home remodeling projects cost. For example, doing a few upgrades in your bathroom could cost a few thousand dollars, but gutting your kitchen could cost upwards towards $20,000, depending on your goals.
  • Figure out what you can spend—Go through your finances and determine how much you can put into your home remodeling project. Taking this step can help you decide if it’s best to wait a few months until you can save more or if you can go ahead with the project right now.
  • Plan for the unexpected—You never know what will happen as you move forward with home remodeling, and this can either be good or bad. Tack an extra 10% onto your home remodeling budget to ensure you have enough funds to cover the unexpected.
  • Work with an honest contractor—To get the most for your money as you plan for your remodel, plan to work with a contractor you trust. At Astrid Environmental Services, we know we’re that contractor, and we can give you a reliable estimate for your remodeling plans.