What’s the Catch with DIY Home Restoration?

When you’ve had any sort of event at your home that has resulted in damage, you may find yourself picking up the pieces and looking at your options. Even if you have filed an insurance claim, you may be tempted to start some DIY home restoration projects to get things moving while you wait. Surely you can dry up water and scrub away soot from a fire, right?

Before you do, there is one catch that makes it important not to take on DIY home restoration, but instead wait it out with your insurance company and a professional cleaning team. What’s the catch? Your safety!

Of course the event itself could create a hazardous environment, but the threats don’t stop after the dust settles. In fact, the remnants of such a damaging event can create an unhealthy environment with toxic fumes, airborne particles, and other unseen threats that can be detrimental to your health. While it may be tempting to salvage your belongings or get to work right away, in truth, waiting for the professionals to provide home restoration solutions is the only way to preserve your belongings and ensure that you aren’t exposed to dangerous health hazards.

One other important item of note is that if you begin the cleanup process on your own, you may find that your insurance company disapproves. They will want to know the condition of your home and work with your cleanup crew to ensure that the home restoration process is done correctly.

If you require assistance with home restoration after a damaging event, reach out to us at Astrid Environmental Services today. We are standing by to assist you.