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When Should You Schedule Air Duct Cleaning?

Our air ducts are often out of sight and out of mind. However, when you start to notice poor indoor air quality, you may not be sure what steps to take. At Astrid Environmental Services, we know how important scheduling air duct cleaning can be, and we’ve listed some situations in which it may be time to schedule this important maintenance task.

  • You Want to Discourage Mold– Mold can live in your air ducts and other dark and damp places. Air duct cleaning will help remove this potential threat.
  • You Want to Improve Indoor Air Quality – Air duct cleaning service provides improved indoor air quality – and that’s a difference you can feel when you breathe.
  • You Want to Deter Vermin – Vermin can sometimes find their way into your air ducts, and having the ducts cleaned regularly will ensure these pests don’t make their permanent home in YOUR home or office.
  • You Want to Get Rid of Clogs – Clogged air ducts can cause your HVAC system to work overtime, and you’ll see an improvement when you have a professional team clean your air vents.
  • You Want a Better Functioning HVAC System – If you feel like your HVAC system is always running, but you can never tell a difference in air quality or temperature, that’s a good sign you could use air duct cleaning.
  • You’re Always Too Hot or Too Cold– If you’ve noticed you keep adjusting the thermostat but the climate in your home or office is never comfortable, call a professional to check your air ducts!
  • You Have an Allergy Sufferer in Your Home – Allergy sufferers know how important clean air can be, so make sure to have your air ducts clean if your allergies seem to be worsening or out of control when you are indoors.
  • You Want to Lower Your Utility Costs – When your HVAC system is running overtime, you’ll see a major difference on your utility bills. Scheduling air duct cleaning can help you save money each month!
  • You Recently Completed a Renovation — Home renovations can cause dirt and debris to get clogged in your air vents. Make sure to schedule an air duct cleaning service once your renovations are complete.