Why You Need a Radon Mitigation System in Your Dublin, VA Home

Radon gas is invisible and unnoticeable without testing and technological solutions, and it often enters homes to become inhaled by their occupants.


According to the Virginia Department of Health, most of Southwest Virginia is at the highest possible risk level for radon. Exposure to the gas is believed to account for around 700 cases of lung cancer a year in the state. Radon gas is invisible and unnoticeable without testing and technological solutions, and it often enters homes to become inhaled by their occupants.

Thankfully, modern radon mitigation systems can reduce this risk and keep you and your family safe. This guide will detail the benefits of radon mitigation systems and the consequences of inadequate radon mitigation.


What is a radon mitigation system?

Radon is a radioactive gas created as the uranium in earth and water decays. It enters homes by rising from the soil beneath and is impossible to see, smell or taste.

Radon is also a class A carcinogen, and exposure can be toxic if prolonged and in large amounts. There is a proven link between radon inhalation and lung cancer, as well as DNA damage. In fact, radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

The amount of radon on Earth varies based on geographical location. In the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) categorizes each area as either Zone 1, 2 or 3, depending on its radon potential. Dublin, VA, is a Zone 1 area with the highest radon potential, making radon mitigation especially important in Dublin homes.

Benefits of Radon Mitigation System

Arming your home with the tools it needs to ward off radon is a wise investment. Investing in a radon mitigation system not only ensures that you and your loved ones are protected, but it also has the potential to increase your property value.

Here is a more in-depth look at the benefits of having a radon mitigation system:

Health Benefits

An effective radon mitigation system can prevent the negative health impacts of radon exposure. With radon removed from the air in your home, the risk of lung cancer for you and your loved ones can decrease.

Radon may also be linked to other lung conditions like emphysema, chronic interstitial pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis, so mitigating radon may also reduce the chances of these occurring.

Improving indoor air quality by removing radon also has other health benefits. Radon mitigation systems can reduce humidity indoors, especially in damp-prone rooms like basements.

Radon mitigation systems also remove other substances from the air that rise from the soil beneath our homes. These include methane, carbon dioxide, pesticides and herbicides — all of which can be hazardous to our health if we breathe them in.

Property Value

Dealing with radon isn’t only beneficial to your health — it’s also likely to make your home more attractive to future buyers and, therefore, more valuable. The dangers of radon are becoming more well-known as time goes on, and potential buyers are increasingly likely to avoid buying properties that may be affected.

If you ever plan to sell your property, whether in a few months or decades, a radon mitigation system can make you more money than it costs to buy and install. Compared to other home repairs that commonly need to take place before a home can be sold, radon mitigation is straightforward, inexpensive and long-lasting.

Home Comfort

Radon levels in the home can change over time, responding to weaknesses in its floors, foundations and structure. Because radon mitigation systems are designed to adapt reflexively to changing radon levels, you can rest easy knowing that changing conditions won’t negate their effectiveness at mitigating radon.

Regardless of the circumstances, a continuously active radon mitigation system will work for many years. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is safe for its occupants in the long term is difficult to put a price on.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Although installing a radon mitigation system does come at a cost, this cost may be minimal compared to the potential costs of dealing with the effects of radon in the home. These may include:

  • Healthcare costs that come from treating radon-induced illnesses

  • Costs of retroactive radon mitigation if high gas levels are discovered later


Protect Your Home And Your Family From Radon With Astrid Environmental Systems

From health issues to decreased home value to potential legal ramifications, neglecting radon mitigation can have serious consequences. Homeowners who invest in radon mitigation systems get peace of mind knowing that their homes and families are protected from radon exposure.

If you’re ready to start the process of radon mitigation, Astrid Environmental Services is ready to help. No matter how severe your home’s radon problem is, our team of trained professionals can provide the best professional mitigation service.

We have developed proven techniques for testing and reducing radon levels in indoor air. Our radon mitigation system reduces current radon levels and ensures that they stay low for years to come by minimizing the soil moisture vapors that cause radon contamination.

To protect your family’s health and your home’s value, contact Astrid today.